Microfiber Household Flat Floor Cleaning Mop Pads Spray Mop Pad



3.weight :52g

4.color:blue green red black

Products Details

Improved washing fiber and improved washing capacity. 1. Increased absorption rate - each 42 x 13cm mop tip holds 0.3 liter of liquid. 2. More efficient, because capturing pollutants requires less effort and effort, and provides greater occupational health and safety benefits for employees 3. Microfibers improve infection control by capturing 99.9 percent more dirt and bacteria with less effort and time than other products. There are four colors to choose from to meet national infection control guidelines: Blue - Generally clean Red - Toilet, lavatory and utility room Green - kitchen, catering, food preparation and food service Black - Infectious disease zone 1. Easy to change and accommodate leading hardware 2. Premium finish - The cladding process provides better durability and cleaning life 3. Apply wet or dry, with or without a chemical solution on any smooth, hard surface 4. machine washableKocean's reusable microfiber flat mop is durable, highly absorbent and compatible with most leading flat mops. The cladding process provides durability, colour-coded compliance with national infection control guidelines and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination and transfer of bacteria between work areas. Microfibers have been shown to remove 99.7 percent or more of viruses and bacteria. Combining high-quality microfibers with built-in scrubber technology, microfibers help prevent cross-transmission and reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections. Combined with Twisted's design, the adsorption capacity of viruses and bacteria is greatly improved, which is more effective in preventing cross-infection. It also uses polyester and polypropylene to increase washing power and remove 99.7 percent or more of the viruses and bacteria tested with water alone. The optimized surface material structure balances resistance and cleaning effects for an easy experience. Tested in hot water (160 DEGREES Fahrenheit) and chlorine bleach withstood 200 washes, in line with CDC guidelines. The use of different colored edge tapes helps distinguish between areas and reduces cross-contamination, encouraging the use of different colors of cleaning by area or task.

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