Super Water Absorbent Reusable Microfiber Flat Floor Cleaning Mop Pads

1, Black and White.62g/ pc. 2,Super water absorbent reusable mops 3,Quick dry,thick environmentally friendly material,recycled functions. 4,Unique design with nylons. Super water absorbent reusable mops with high quality is getting popular in industrial cleaning and household cleaning.Microfiber reusable mop resists smudging without stimulating your skin, smooth fine texture with long lasting.Give clear and intense cleaning effects and make your room clean and charming.

Products Details

1,The traditional mop pad can only mop the floor, and there is no solution to the dust, hair and dander on the floor.However,super water absorbent reusable mops can generate a strong electrostatic adsorption force, which can be easily done with one drag. 2,Unique design.The black and white stripe design strengthens the friction of wiping the ground and achieves the function of high-strength washing.Besides,the edge design of the mop strengthens the water-locking function,which prevents water to flow out again in the process of mopping. 3,Long-time lasting.Security ingredients can be recycled for a long period,which can save costs for cleaning. Made by safe material, would not irritate your skin.Please rest assured about our materials, we will provide the best service and products at the best price. 4,Easy to disassemble.Touching germs with your hands is unhygienic and even puts you at risk of infection. Our mops don't need to be wringed out with your hands, just a gentle squeeze will remove the stains from the mop and it can be reused.As a strong cleaning helper,it occurs in caterers & canteens,restaurants,fast food and takeaway food services,beverage stores,beverage manufacture,super markets,hotels and other scenes.In a word,it will work as long as you need to clean room.High production of raw materials to clean floors, doors, windows and clothing, range hoods, air conditioners, microwave ovens, sanitary ware for surface sterilization, removal of dust and bacteria, environmental protection and hygiene.When people enjoy the scientific and sanitary environment, they will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

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