Esun 30X30Cm Blue Lines Customizable Size Disposable Microfiber mop pads

1, Regular size 45*13.5cm,OEM size. 2, New smooth blue wave line printed on the disposable mop. 3, Low cost to meet disposable use. 4, Strong water absorption and decontamination ability. Create a new visual impact on the disposable mops.With its superb microfiber composition, it prevents allergies and eliminates stubborn stains and oils. No chemical reagents are required, and there is almost zero damage to cleaning items. When people enjoy the scientific and sanitary environment, they will not cause secondary pollution to the environment,which is a great helper widely used for sterilization, dust removal, decontamination, and grease removal.

Products Details

1,Blue wave line gently enhance aesthetics of mops with exquisite weaving technology.The exquisite curve production process is designed by professional designers,which precisely edited by new technology and craftsmanship. 2,The mop is very delicate and soft. Gently touch, the floor immediately clean magnificent. Easily match, get the most mop you had.Breaking through the traditional production technology,it is sterile and easy to match the bright floor with a single wipe. 3,Semi-dry and wet is suitable for both wet and dry use.After a small amount of water infiltration, it will strengthen decontamination ability. At the same time of the wiping process, it quickly absorbs the remaining moisture and achieves the goal of high-quality cleaning.The mop is suitable for solid wood floors, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, marble, glass panels, foam pads, etc. The mop is different from the mop that is directly cleaned with water, not only the cleaning efficieney is high, but also You can throw it away when you're done, which will reduce bacterial infections. It will not leave too much water stains like the mop, which will not cause the floor deformation, corrosion and other phenomena. Meanwhile,it can clean and sterilize the tiles and floor gaps, which can prevent mold and discoloration caused by tile gaps.

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